RN Nutrition Online Practice 2016 A

RN Nutrition Online Practice 2016 A

This 60-item test contains rationales and offers an assessment of the student's basic comprehension and mastery of nutrition for nursing principles. Assessed concepts include: 1) principles of nutrition (nutritional assessment, sources of nutrition, metabolism factors, health promotion, cultural awareness, food safety and medication interactions); 2) nutrition across the lifespan (pregnancy, lactation, infants, children, adolescents, adults, older adults); and 3) clinical nutrition and therapeutic diets (hospital diets, enteral nutrition, parenteral nutrition, nutrition for clients with gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, diabetes, renal, cancer, HIV/AIDS, anemias). There is no time limit for completion of this assessment. (Two forms of this assessment are available.)

Online Practice Assessment Details:

  • Assessment contains rationales and alternate format test items.
  • Online practice assessments can be accessed from any Internet connection, offering you the flexibility to test yourself anytime.
  • Assessment may be accessed 5 times with each purchase.
  • No time limit for completion.
  • Two forms of the assessment (form A and form B) are available for purchase.


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