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ATI Access™ NCLEX-RN Video Review

Watch a Classroom NCLEX® Review Course from the comfort of your home.

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Virtual-ATI® NCLEX® Details:

Virtual-ATI NCLEX Review is an innovative, online partnership that prepares nursing graduates for NCLEX success. The review directly aligns with the current NCLEX test plan. Through collaboration with a virtual coach, students are engaged in a personalized, assessment-driven NCLEX review in an online classroom that provides you with access to a variety of on-demand resources. Students receive feedback and encouragement from their own personal online coach. A calendar is provided to guide the student's daily review. The review is individualized as the student progresses, so special focus is given to topic areas that need more attention. It works. NCLEX pass rates are nearly 100% when students follow their coach's recommendations.

Virtual-ATI NCLEX Review includes:

  • Students are assigned a coach who is a qualified Nurse Educator with at least 5 years of teaching experience and a minimum of a Master’s degree in Nursing. The Nurse Educator acts as a coach to facilitate the student’s progress with NCLEX® preparation by providing individual support.
    • Detailed diagnostic reports are generated immediately after an individual practice assessment is taken. Students receive feedback from their coach after each assessment.
    • Online assessments include over 500 questions with rationales for correct and incorrect answers.
  • On-demand classroom features including over 250 online learning activities, links that support learning, NCLEX® Question of the Day forums, and an online virtual bookshelf.
  • Students take a Comprehensive Predictor Exam at the completion of the review.
  • Students receive review materials in both print and video formats.
  • Weekly progress reports provided to institutions purchasing Virtual-ATI NCLEX Review for their students.



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