RN Fundamentals Online Practice 2016 A

RN Fundamentals Online Practice 2016 A

Concepts assessed include:

  • Foundations of practice (health care delivery, thinking strategies for nursing practice, communication, professional standards, nursing through the lifespan, health assessment)
  • Basic nursing care (admission, transfer and discharge processes, medication administration and error prevention, safety, infection control, comfort and basic needs and care of wounds)
  • Support of psychosocial needs (psychosocial, family, cultural and spiritual health, end-of-life)
  • Support of physiologic needs (oxygenation, circulatory, fluid, electrolyte and acid-base balance, gastroenteral, elimination, neurosensory)
  • Health assessment (e.g., assessment of vital signs and general and system specific assessments)

Online Practice Assessment Details:

  • Assessment contains rationales and alternate format test items
  • Online practice assessments can be accessed from any Internet connection, offering you the flexibility to test yourself anytime
  • Assessment may be accessed 5 times with each purchase
  • Each practice assessment allows 500 minutes of testing time and 500 minutes of pause time


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