RN Adult Medical Surgical Online Practice 2016 B

RN Adult Medical Surgical Online Practice 2016 B

This 90-item test contains rationales and offers an assessment of the student’s basic comprehension and mastery of adult medical-surgical nursing principles related to the care of clients with respiratory, cardiovascular, hematologic, fluid and electrolyte, renal and urinary, endocrine, gastrointestinal, integumentary, neurosensory, musculoskeletal, lymph, immune, infectious and integumentary disorders.

Assessed principles include:

  • The effective use of all steps in the nursing process
  • Therapeutic and effective communication skills
  • Client education principles
  • Cultural competence
  • Related pharmacology and nutrition knowledge
  • A holistic approach to health promotion and disease prevention

Online Practice Assessment Details:

  • Assessment contains rationales and alternate format test items
  • Online practice assessments can be accessed from any Internet connection, offering you the flexibility to test yourself anytime
  • Assessment may be accessed 5 times with each purchase
  • Each practice assessment allows 500 minutes of testing time and 500 minutes of pause time 

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