Board Vitals NCLEX Prep PN

Board Vitals NCLEX Prep PN

BoardVitals is a computer adaptive quizzing engine with more than 3,300 questions to prepare students for NCLEX.



  • Robust question bank (1,500+ for PN); approximately 30 percent of the questions in the bank are alternate-format items.
  • BoardVitals has different modes for different tasks.
  • Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) mode – for an NCLEX-like testing experience.
    • Question bank allocation mirrors the NCLEX test blueprint
    • Scoring system functions very similar to NCLEX. Students may finish in 75 questions, or it may take up to 265 questions before the algorithm determines if the student has met the passing standard.
    • Students can take a full-length CAT exam six times.
  • Review mode
    • Students can review rationales as they answer questions.
    • Excellent for review, remediation, and practice.
  • Timed mode
    • Rationales are disabled to provide a medium-intensity testing environment.
  • Students also use BoardVitals as a quizzing engine to focus on specific content areas or question types
  • Content is updated daily by full time staff.
  • Mobile-friendly: BoardVitals works on any device, any screen size.
  • Custom exams – students can build custom exams to focus on specific content areas.
  • Analytics/Reporting –students can see the number of questions answered in/correctly, median score, and their percentile rank compared to the national average.
  • You will have access to BoardVitals for 12 weeks following your purchase.

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