PN Nursing Management Online Practice 2017 Form B

PN Nursing Management Online Practice 2017 Form B

Focus your Nursing Management review with immediate feedback from the PN Nursing Management 2017 Online Practice Assessment Form B. 


This test offers an assessment of basic comprehension and mastery of leadership and management principles.


PN Nursing Management Online Practice Assessment Details:

  • This 50-item user-friendly assessment offers immediate feedback for all response options, whether correct or incorrect.
  • Assessment of basic comprehension and mastery of leadership and management principles


Concepts assessed include:

  1. Basic leadership and management principles (e.g., coordination of client care, organizational communication, planning and problem-solving processes, change agent);
  2. Resource management (e.g., conflict management; management of fiscal resources, including cost containment, human resources, including staffing, staff development, performance evaluation, time management, emergency preparedness);
  3. Quality and legal ethical issues (e.g., scope of practice, potential liability, ethical issues, including end-of-life issues, quality improvement); and
  4. Delegation and prioritization principles. A significant focus of this assessment is the student's decision-making skills with regard to appropriate delegation to nursing assistive personnel and the student's ability to establish priorities in the provision of nursing care to multiple clients with diverse health care needs.


Online Practice Assessment Details:

  • Assessment contains rationales and alternate format test items.
  • Online practice assessments can be accessed from any Internet connection, offering you the flexibility to test yourself anytime.
  • Assessment may be accessed 5 times with each purchase.
  • No time limit for completion.
  • Two forms of the assessment (form A and form B) are available for purchase.

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