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Nurse Educator Essentials™, Online Learning Lab

In a series of 19 self-guided online courses, ATI offers professional development to complement ATI’s Nurse Educator Essentials conference, providing nursing programs a simple solution for educator orientation, ongoing faculty development, and continuing education for those preparing for the Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) exam.



Orient nursing faculty to the role of academic educator. These engaging on-demand courses deepen
understanding of the role and unique responsibilities of a contemporary academic nurse educator.

  • Topics are strategically designed to offer a simple yet thorough solution for on-boarding nurse educators
  • Topics align with NLN’s nurse educator core competencies

Sharpen faculty skillset with 19 contact hours
 of expert guidance through high-quality, studio-recorded
presentations that align with the NLN Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) exam.

  • Courses can easily be used for educator professional development and skill building
  • ATI is ANCC accredited, so all earned CNEs can be used to meet CNE requirements for licensure
  • Categories align with the NLN Certified Nurse Educator exam blueprint and can be used to help educators prepare for the Certified Nurse Educator exam

Boost learning and adoption with expertly designed resources
that take faculty learning a step further. Leadership has full access to courses and discussion guides that facilitate deeper faculty engagement.

  • The User Guide offers leadership teams a simple guide for onboarding new faculty, including:
    • Outline of courses and objectives
    • Recommended course sequence
    • Discussion questions for each course




19 courses in order of recommended completion.

  • Thriving in the Nurse Educator Role
  • Changing Lives One Student at a Time: Policy and Standards to Support Admission, Progression, and Graduation
  • Continuous Quality Improvement: It’s for Faculty Too!
  • Understanding the Principles that Support the Learning Process: Learning Theories, Domains of Learning, and Diverse Learner Needs
  • Creating Engaged Learning Environments to Promote Learner Success
  • Bringing Clinical into the Classroom: Engaging Learners Using Active Strategies
  • Care in Context: Active Strategies for Clinical and Lab Environments
  • Developing Simulations to Create Realism: Transition to Clinical Practice
  • It’s ‘Show Me’ Time: Assessment/Evaluation in Prelicensure Nursing Programs
  • A Bird’s Eye View: Classroom Assessment Instruments
  • Understanding Classroom Assessment Data and Test Blueprinting
  • Generating Confidence for Curriculum Development
  • Is Perception Reality? Program Assessment and Evaluation
  • Leading Change
  • Essential Skills and Competencies to Prosper as a Nurse Leader
  • Inspiring Enthusiasm for Scholarship in the Nurse Educator Role
  • Professional Nursing Organizations: Why Membership Matters
  • Up Front Organizing: Lesson Plans and Scoring Rubrics
  • Faculty as Social Architects of the Academic Culture: Best
  • Practices to Prevent and Address Student Incivility

For a complete list of Nurse Educator Essentials, Online Learning Lab courses including presenters and objectives, visit the ATI Academy Course Catalog.

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Thriving in the Nurse Educator Role
Presented by Dr. Cynthia Clark, PhD, RN, ANEF, FAAN

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