Virtual-ATI (NCLEX-RN Review)

Virtual-ATI (NCLEX-RN Review)


Help improve your chances of passing NCLEX with a personalized, innovative online NCLEX review course.




  • Graduates are assigned a personal Virtual-ATI Coach, an experienced nurse educator, who works with them one-on-one and provides feedback and encouragement along the way.
  • Graduates are provided 12-week access to an online classroom that begins 30 days prior to graduation, is available 24/7 and includes more than 400 on-demand resources via the mobile-friendly, online classroom.
  • Review is individualized as graduates progress over the 12-week period so special focus is given to topic areas that need most attention.
  • Graduates are provided content assessments with practice questions and rationales for correct and incorrect answers based on their individual needs.
  • Review directly aligns with the current NCLEX test plan.
  • Graduates will receive a Green Light from their Virtual-ATI coach when they’re ready to pass NCLEX.
  • A post-review study plan with remediation resources provided to graduates to use after the Green Light or 12-week period ends to continue preparation until they take NCLEX.
  • Graduates can purchase additional 12-weeks of access to the classroom for a fee of $75.




If a graduate receives the Virtual-ATI Green Light, tests for NCLEX within 3 weeks, and fails NCLEX, an additional 12-week access will be offered at no additional cost. For the guarantee to apply, graduates must notify ATI in writing of their unsuccessful attempt within 3 weeks of receiving their NCLEX score.


Additional information:

Virtual-ATI Graduate Orientation Video


For questions and further information, please call 800.667.7531.


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