ATI Green Light NCLEX Review

Guarantee your students' NCLEX® success. Give them the green light NCLEX review from ATI Nursing Education.

No one knows your students as well as you – except maybe for ATI Nursing Education. Like you, ATI has been with your students throughout their studies. We know their strengths and weaknesses. That’s why we’re introducing the Green Light NCLEX Review. This review includes a combination of our renowned Live Review program, plus our interactive, online personal Virtual-ATI® product. These two products – both very strong teaching tools by themselves – combine for an even greater guarantee for NCLEX success.

Our Green Light program includes the following options:

The ATI Live NCLEX Review addresses everything your students need to pass the NCLEX on their first try. This all-inclusive, highly-interactive, live study session covers the essential nursing content that aligns with the NCLEX blueprint. Upon completion of the Review, students are assigned a Virtual-ATI® personal coach who will work with them until they’re ready to pass the NCLEX – students get a “Green Light,” signifying it’s time for them to confidently pass the NCLEX. Even better, the pass rate of students who receive the “Green Light” is 97.3%.

Together, these products promote confidence.

  • No two students are alike. We teach the individual. We provide the feedback and success plan specific to each individual student.
  • It’s great to have someone tell you when you’re ready to pass the biggest test of your career. Our Master’s degreed educators know when a student is NCLEX ready. They will give her or him the “Green Light” to take the NCLEX when they are ready. 97.3% of the student to whom our educators give the “Green Light” pass their NCLEX their first time.
  • As with all other ATI Nursing Education products, we offer a 100% guarantee (without the asterisk and fine print). We’ll stick with students until they pass. Guaranteed.

To learn more or purchase today, please contact your Healthcare Education Consultant.

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