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Help improve your chances of passing NCLEX with ATI’s Comprehensive Live NCLEX Review. Led by a Master’s-degreed nurse educator, this proven review covers all subject areas on the NCLEX over the course of a few days. Students who complete an ATI Live Review have a substantially higher NCLEX pass rate than the national average.

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The Comprehensive Live NCLEX Review is an all-inclusive, live study session covering essential nursing content that aligns with the NCLEX test plan. Led by a master's-degreed nurse educator, the engaging, interactive format reviews all content areas and includes test-taking strategies, critical-thinking exercises and Q&A practice.

We'll work with you until you pass. It's our guarantee.

*All NCLEX pass rate data based on July 2014 – December 2014 NCLEX test takers. National pass rates were obtained from the NCSBN website and are for first-time, US educated NCLEX test takers. Live Review pass rates are self-reported NCLEX outcomes for students who completed an ATI Live Review. These comparisons are descriptive in nature and do not reflect a true experimental design.

  • Current NCLEX detailed test plan is used to focus on application of knowledge.
  • Access to new assessments including alternate format items with detailed rationales to study after the review.
  • Critical-thinking and test-taking strategies.
  • The Comprehensive NCLEX Review Book.
  • Fundamentals, Adult Medical-Surgical, Mental Health, Maternal Newborn, Nursing Care of Children, Pharmacology, Nursing Leadership and Management and Community Health Nursing

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Live Review Support Policy

ATI offers guaranteed support to students after completing an ATI Live Review. If a student doesn’t pass on their initial attempt at NCLEX, ATI will provide further support to the student at no additional cost. In order to receive additional support, the student must do the following: 1) Student must attend all days of the review 2) Student must contact ATI within three weeks of taking NCLEX to inform ATI that he or she did not pass on initial attempt. If the student does not meet the requirements listed above, the student must pay a $75 reactivation fee for further evaluation and assistance.

If a student completed an ATI Live Review prior to July 1, 2014, the student is not subject to the $75 reactivation fee.


I was just in the ATI review class you taught at the University of Saint Mary a few months ago. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for that review and tell you how beneficial I thought it was. I took the NCLEX 1 week ago and passed with 75 questions! I am certain that your review helped me tremendously and contributed to my success. There were several questions I had on my exam that I knew the answer to because you had covered either the content or the concept in the ATI review. I really liked how the ATI review was set up- breaking the major topics down into groups and reviewing that way (to me, this was much less intimidating than trying to review everything starting from the beginning). The content of your review was the most beneficial thing to me. It was such a good review of everything we have learned! Thank you again for the time, energy and patience with our class. Keep doing what you're doing...IT WORKS!

- From a graduate attending the LR at the University of Saint Mary in KS

I really enjoyed your live review at our school! You did an amazing job. Several of our class mates went to a different 4 day review this week and all I have heard is that your review was so much better. They said it makes a big difference having an actual nursing instructor, who is passionate about her job doing the review, compared to the person who did their review. I am trying to figure out the LR RN assessments but the sheet we received with our personalized study plan does not have a number to get into these tests? I am a bit confused as to how to get them to show up on my site. I created a focused assessment for the comprehensive test, but still didn't see any codes. Please give me a call - or email me back ... I did do the evaluation and got my certificate - but I do not have the codes. Thanks so much! I take the NCLEX this Thursday and will be looking over the pages of awesome notes and helpful hints you gave us during class!

- From a graduate attending the LR at Firelands Regional Medical Center in OH



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