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Active StackTM Pharmacology Flash Cards

Help your students learn about the top 200 drugs in a flash.

Developed by experts, more than 1,800 interactive, online flash cards cover a broad range of pharmacology content. They feature detailed information on the top 200 drugs including select prototype drugs for major drug categories. As a quick and easily accessible tool, Active Stack helps your students grasp content related to therapeutic uses, administration considerations, common side and adverse effects, nursing interventions and priority patient instructions, contraindications, precautions and interactions.

Program features include remediation, card sorting and percent correct. By adding these interactive flash cards to your program, your students will better comprehend the wide breadth of pharmacology knowledge needed to pass their NCLEX® and succeed as nurses.

Active Stack is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. It is also available through the ATI online portal which is an excellent option for PC users.

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Options for use:

  • Cards can be sorted for review according to drug classification and content focus
  • Users have the ability to mark flash cards as correct or incorrect
  • Incorrect cards are flagged for remediation
  • A score is provided at the completion of a set of cards
  • Cards tagged as incorrect can be reviewed for remediation

Questions cover a broad range of pharmacology content including:

  • Generic and brand/trade name
  • Therapeutic use
  • Side-adverse effects
  • Interventions
  • Patient instructions
  • Administration considerations
  • Contraindications
  • Precautions
  • Interactions



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