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2024/2025 ATI TEAS Study Guide

The only study guide written by the creators of the exam.






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Boost Your Confidence

An overview of the exam, what to bring, and scoring.

Gain valuable insight about the exam to feel more confident on exam day.

Want to learn how the exam is structured, the time limit, number of questions, and the subjects that are on the exam? This section covers all that and more.

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Get valuable tips

Prep Tips from the experts

Dig into goal setting, time management, and TEAS-specific tips.

Want a few tips to reduce test day anxiety? This section is for you. We also break down strategies for each section of the exam and the new alternate item question types to give you a great approach to tackle tough questions.

Study Smarter, Not Harder

Review core content areas

Save time by studying what you need to know for the TEAS.

The TEAS Study Guide provides comprehensive coverage of the essential content required to confidently pass the TEAS. It focuses on reading, math, science, and English language usage, omitting unnecessary material. Each section includes end-of-unit quizzes, key terms, and integrated practice questions to reinforce understanding of the core subject areas necessary for nursing and allied health education.

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Comprehensive practice test

Get a feel for the test with our exam-like practice test

Included at the end of the study guide, this 150-question practice exam is styled after the TEAS 7 to give you a feel for the types of questions you can expect on exam day.

See why more than 800,000 students have used ATI TEAS Prep:

Access & requirements

  • The ATI TEAS Study Guide (eBook) version requires a device with a screen larger than 7” and internet connection.
  • The ATI TEAS Study Guide (eBook) version has the same content as the printed guide. The eBook will expire 4 years from the time of purchase.
  • For printed study guides, please download the TEAS Study Guide Addendum for corrections to content that may have been updated since the study guide was printed.

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