Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC

These Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC Live NCLEX Review Services Terms (these “Terms”) govern Live NCLEX Review services (the “Services”) provided by Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC (“ATI”) to ATI clients (each, the “Customer”, You” or “Your). These Terms are incorporated into and made a part of the ATI Order Form under which You purchased use of the Services, subject to the fees set forth therein. These Terms apply solely to your use of ATI’s Live NCLEX Review Services. 


Customer Responsibilities:

  1. Customer shall not alter, reproduce or copy any ATI materials used or furnished by ATI in connection with the Services (“ATI Product(s)”), and shall at all times assure that all copyright and other proprietary notices on ATI Products remain intact, unaltered and prominent. Customer shall never claim or suggest that any ATI Product is other than the intellectual property of ATI or its affiliates.
  2. Customer is responsible for administering the ATI Comprehensive Predictor to all Customized Live NCLEX Review participants. 
  3. Customer will maintain the confidentiality, security and integrity of the ATI Products provided, placing special security emphasis on the secured and proctored examination questions and answers. Customer is absolutely and unconditionally responsible to secure its facilities and procedures such that test data, questions and answers utilized at the Customer’s facility do not leave its control and custody at any time.
  4. Customer shall not utilize or permit to be utilized any ATI Products for whom the required participant fee has not been paid to ATI.
  5. In connection with the ATI Live NCLEX Review, Customer agrees to provide an ADA compliant learning environment and resources needed to meet the accommodation needs of students in a live or online classroom.


  1. In connection with any ATI Live NCLEX Review conducted onsite at Customer’s facility, Customer also agrees to provide the following resources and equipment:
    • A computer enabled with Microsoft Office Power Point (2007 or later), projection connectivity and high-speed Internet access
    • The classroom/presentation space will be made available from 8:00AM-5:00PM (Review time: 9:00-4:00PM)
    • Overhead projector
    • Adjustable lighting, writing surfaces for participant note-taking with an unobstructed view of the ATI p
    • presenter
    • Large projection screen
    • Podium with light and stool
    • Microphone/cordless microphone
    • Registration table for participant check-in, managed by Nursing Program


All Customer supplied  equipment will be in working order and made available to the ATI instructor at the beginning of the session.  If the ATI instructor encounters technical problems or complications, the Customer agrees to provide technical assistance as necessary.  This equipment and any applicable assistance shall be provided to ATI at no charge.


For ATI Live NCLEX Review sessions delivered virtually, Customer will ensure that participants have the ability to access the presentation via video conferencing.


  1. Customer will provide a coordinator to assist ATI with ATI Live NCLEX Review  logistics.
  2. Customer agrees to allow ATI to fill any open seats in classroom with participants from other institutions, where open seats is defined as the difference between the Maximum Number of Participants (number of seats in the class room, not to exceed 80) and the Expected Number of Participants, as identified on the applicable Statement of Work.
  3. Customer hereby grants to ATI permission to use Customer’s logo on ATI’s website solely for posting information about the Live NCLEX Review to permit online participant registration.
  4. Customer will ensure a safe and secure learning environment for the ATI Live NCLEX Review, and provide the name of a coordinator prior to the ATI Live NCLEX Review to assist the ATI Live NCLEX Review instructor. Customer will immediately resolve any issue that jeopardizes the safety, security, or learning environment of the ATI Live NCLEX Review.  
  5. Customer’s designated coordinator should be in attendance  and available to the ATI Live NCLEX Review instructor at all times during the delivery of the ATI Live NCLEX Review, to assist ATI with tasks such as session logistics, including meeting the ATI instructor on the first day to cover emergency procedures, facility procedures if applicable, and contact information for emergency and technical issues. If Customer’s designated (or a substitute) NCLEX Review coordinator is not present  at the time of the ATI Live NCLEX Review, Customer understands and agrees that, at ATI’s sole discretion, ATI may elect not to conduct the ATI Live NCLEX Review and, in such case, Customer will remain responsible for paying any incurred  costs by the ATI Live NCLEX Review instructor.

ATI Responsibilities:

  1. ATI, at its discretion, reserves the right to update ATI NCLEX Review materials and assessment to stay current and better meet the needs of its customers.
  2. ATI provides customer support during the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (CST) Monday through Friday, excepting the following holidays:  New Year’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th and either the day before or the day after, and Labor Day, Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday), Christmas Day, Christmas Eve.  If these holidays fall on a weekend, the closest workday before or after the weekend will be observed. 
  3. Internet-based assessment results will be available on-line at immediately following the completion of the assessment.  However, the instructor will not have access to analysis of the class as a whole until the test is “closed.”
  4. Customer will have access to their individual and group results via ATI’s website at at any time the ATI system is functioning.  Termination or cancellation of this Agreement will not affect Customer’s ability to access previously completed assessment results.
  5. Provide instructors to teach the ATI Live NCLEX Review along with the teaching materials.
  6. Provide ATI Live NCLEX Review  materials for all participants.


Fees:  ATI invoicing and Customer payment is as set forth in the applicable ATI Order Form under which these Services are purchased.  


Cancellation Policy:     Customer may cancel the ATI Live NCLEX Review no later than 14 days prior to the scheduled date. 


Intellectual Property:   All ATI Products, services, material and content, including the ATI Live NCLEX Review and all information and material presented by ATI for use by Customer and participants,  are and remain the intellectual property of ATI and are protected under all rights granted by copyright, trademark, patent and trade secrecy laws or by any other statutory or common law protection obtained or obtainable.  ATI’s names, and its Product names, are trademarks and service marks belonging to ATI.  All rights reserved.  No part of the ATI NCLEX Review materials or assessment may be resold, licensed, copied, stored or reproduced without written permission of ATI.