Mental Health Review Module

The Mental Health Review Modules provide a comprehensive review of key content and are ideal for remediation.

RN Edition 11.0

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PN Edition 10.0

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This review module is organized into units covering the foundations of mental health nursing, traditional nonpharmacological therapies, psychobiologic disorders, psychopharmacological therapies, specific populations and psychiatric emergencies. Content is divided into the following principles: nursing concepts, procedures, disorders and medications.

NCLEX® Connections

NCLEX® Connections at the beginning of each unit – pointing out areas of the detailed test plan that relate to the content in that unit.

Active Learning Scenarios

Active Learning Scenarios are given at the end of each chapter. A nursing scenario is given, and you apply the knowledge from that chapter in that scenario.

Over 175 pages

Over 175 pages of content to help you master Mental Health.

QSEN Competencies

Icons are positioned throughout the module to point out QSEN competencies.

Quizzes & rationale

At the end of each chapter we offer quizzes with detailed rationales to help you improve retention.

6 Sections

Dive into 6 different sections that are divided into important content areas.


  • Basic Mental Health Nursing Concepts, including Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Traditional Nonpharmacological Therapies, including group and family therapies, brain stimulation therapies
  • Disorders, including anxiety, depression, substance abuse, somatic symptom and related disorders and more
  • Medications for Disorders
  • Specific Populations, including clients who are dying and/or grieving
  • Psychiatric emergencies such as suicide, anger management, sexual assault and more.
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