Nursing faculty face many challenges within the academic setting that can produce negative results, including attrition, moral distress, and burnout. These unfortunate outcomes affect the individual, the workplace culture, the organization, and the learners. Fortunately, there are evidence-based strategies we can use to not only survive, but thrive, as nurse educators. Based on the Stephens' Model of Resilience, developed specifically for nursing professionals, participants will be guided through the four P's of personal resilience to develop an individualized strategic plan for increased resilience, well-being, and professional fulfillment.

Let Us Help You

  • Define and describe the concepts of personal resilience and well-being as they pertain to the nurse educator role
  • Describe the importance of resilient teams within the academic setting
  • Identify personal risks for moral distress and burnout
  • Identify personal protective factors to increase and/or enhance
  • Discuss the four P's of personal resilience as they relate to academia
  • Create an individualized strategic plan for increase resilience to include two or three SMART Goals
  • Identify an accountability partner