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Wellness & Self-Care

This active learning tutorial provides health and wellness insights for both student nurses and their clients. From diet and exercise to sleep and disease prevention, students will learn about wellness principles and how to integrate necessary lifestyle changes into their practice.


Wellness & Self-Care promotes student competency in:

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Patient-centered care

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Evidence-based practice

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Patient and provider safety

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  1. Self-Care: Eating Healthy & Maintaining a Healthy Weight
  2. Self-Care: Physical Activity
  3. Self-Care: Rest and Sleep
  4. Stress: Causes, Effects and Management
  5. Wellness, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention



Knowledge for them, know-how for you.

Student Activities:

  • Media-rich tutorials
  • Videos
  • Case studies with quizzes
  • Module tests with rationales
  • Nationally normed assessments with NCLEX-style questions (practice & proctored)

After completing all modules, students will know how to:

  1. Apply principles of wellness, health promotion, and disease prevention
  2. Minimize workplace stressors that contribute to compassion fatigue and burnout
  3. Recognize stress triggers and its effect on the body
  4. Integrate body mechanics into practice of preventing personal injury
  5. Implement nursing interventions to all three levels of prevention
  6. Recognize factors that influence food choices
  7. Calculate daily caloric needs and assess for weight and diet health risks
  8. Recommend appropriate weight-loss strategies
  9. Integrate various exercises into workout plans, including achieving target heart rate, SMART goals, and METS, while acknowledging factors influencing activity level
  10. Assess sleep requirements appropriately for various development stages, while appreciating the physiology of sleep and interfering factors

Educator Resources:

  • Educator Implementation Guide
  • Video case studies
  • Lesson plans
  • Student worksheets
  • Video library

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