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Explore ATI solutions that make teaching easier and learning more engaging.

Solutions that meet your needs.

Explore solutions we’ve designed to meet your needs. From simulations to clinical preparation, assessments, core curriculum, and more, we offer the latest and greatest for engaging today’s students on a deeper level.

Tip! Knowing what you have access to is the first key to success in getting more from your ATI solutions. Ask your ATI Champion or ATI representative, or simply review your ATI Faculty Portal to explore what’s available to you today.

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Admitting the right students

At ATI, we’ve created tools that provide valuable insights into a student’s academic strengths and weaknesses while helping you set benchmarks and make data-based decisions to help your program admit the right students.
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Learning Core Curriculum

Through tutorials, case studies, quiz banks and intuitive assessments, our product solutions focus on the fundamentals of becoming a nurse and the essential skills needed to pass the NCLEX®.
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Clinical Experience

Clinical experience plays a key role in any nursing program. The more clinical experience a student has, the better prepared they are to enter the nursing field.
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NCLEX Preparedness

Whether it’s online and flexible or one-on-one and intimate, our prep methods are versatile and appeal to many different learning styles, providing students the comprehensive knowledge they need to tackle the NCLEX®.
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Faculty Development

ATI provides world-class support and thought leadership to help nursing programs support faculty development at all levels.
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We use the ATI Teas to help identify students that are going to have a reasonable chance of being successful. We have about 300 applications for 60 seats in our ADN program, so you have to have something that is valid and reliable to evaluate those folks coming in. We use the TEAS.


Product Training & Support

Take our solutions a step further with valuable trainings and resources we’ve designed to make it simple and easy to get the most out of your ATI solutions. From pre-made lesson plans to Educator Implementation Guides, we’ve outlined everything you might need to make integration quick and easy. Plus, get familiar with the ins and outs of the solutions you use most with easy-to-follow webinar tutorials and live trainings.

Tip! Your ATI Champion can also always point you in the right direction for the best resources for solutions you’re interested in using or offer special trainings to get you started.

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Educator Resources

A hub of tools, like pre-built lesson plans for class or even clinical replacement, Educator Implementation Guides, and more to help seamlessly integrate and align ATI solutions across your curriculum.
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ATI Academy

An online library of on-demand, comprehensive courses, and recorded webinars designed to help you better understand ATI solutions and positively influence students’ learning.
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ATI Champions

A program for passionate nurse educators to be on-site leaders and ATI solution “super users” to help their colleagues and students make the most of their ATI resources.
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