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We believe in the power of nursing

About ATI

At ATI, we believe in the power of nursing. We believe in helping those who help others. We believe in listening and asking questions. We believe in leading the way for innovation, creating solutions, and delivering results for our nurse education partners.

It’s this idea that helped us shape our suite of programs and product solutions with focused attention toward nursing students and the nurse educators who work with them.

Leading with excellence

“Quality” is something we think about a lot at ATI. To us, “quality” isn’t delivering what’s asked of you. Whether we’re making updates to a tutorial or planning our annual National Nurse Educator Summit, we go to remarkable lengths to leave educators and students with solutions and experiences beyond their expectations and above industry standards.

Putting product design first

Expert nurse educators work in every level of our organization, consulting with our schools and playing an essential role in content creation. Marrying their experience and our scientific data, we build product solutions, assessments, and tutorials that stand up in the classroom and on the hospital floor.

Developing with thoughtfulness

Data, detail, and expertise go into constructing our tutorials, assessments, and simulations.

Backing it all up with research

Expert psychometricians oversee our robust 12-step test-writing process.

Investing in security and integrity

We have processes, technology, and an entire team dedicated to maintaining the integrity and security of our test materials.

Working together

Located in Leawood, Kansas, you’ll find nurses in every department of our organization, leading teams, collaborating, and creating new solutions for the future of nursing education.

ASCEND Learning

ATI is a part of Ascend Learning, a leader in providing technology-based educational, assessment, testing, and certification solutions for healthcare and other vocational fields.