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Nurse’s Touch™ Suite

A necessity for future nurses.

Featuring six active learning solutions, the Nurse’s Touch suite is your resource to fully develop each student’s “professional touch” for their futures. While positive patient outcomes are delivered by confident, competent nurses, not all students possess the innate skills required to perform, behave, and interact in ways that promote safe client care. Nurse’s Touch solutions provide students with the invaluable practice of building their skills and virtually prepares them to become safe, professional nurses.

Students receive the crucial opportunity to build their skills in realistic, challenging scenarios, so upon entering an actual clinical setting, they’re well-versed with that special touch of a professional nurse. Media-rich tutorials, video case studies, virtual simulations, and nationally normed NCLEX-style item assessments boost student confidence and elevate their preparedness to a professional level.

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As a collective suite, Nurse's Touch solutions build student competency to ultimately promote safe client care.

Patient-centered care

Teamwork & collaboration

Evidence-based practice

Quality improvement

Patient & provider safety