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The Complete Partnership

The Complete Partnership

At ATI, we believe our business is about more than product solutions; it’s about providing seamless access to our services and products without roadblocks or lag times. It’s about helping our partners solve problems and define outcomes for success. It’s this philosophy that led us to create the Complete Partnership – the single most comprehensive program available in nursing education.

About our partnership

Working together, we develop a plan and find the resources and solutions you need to meet your student, faculty and program goals. We partner with members of your team to ensure seamless integration and conduct Insight Reviews to create mutual accountability between our program and yours.

Insight Reviews

Insight Reviews are an opportunity for us to review progress toward high-level objectives, and make course corrections if needed. Each meeting is focused on data and key performance indicators to guide us toward our goals.

Quick, effective deployment

Because you have access to nearly every resource in the ATI inventory, we can deploy new resources quickly, without revising contracts or purchase orders. New strategies, implementation and progress toward your objectives begins immediately.

Training your team

Conducted onsite and virtually, our product training specialists help your team seamlessly integrate ATI products into your curriculum and processes. Ongoing support and development can also be found through webinars in the ATI Academy™.

Policies in place

Having the proper policies in place helps faculty and students understand how student performance on ATI assessments and other materials impacts their outcomes. We’ll help you outline a policy that works for your program and align it to ATI benchmarks.

Driven by data

Through Complete, your team has access to a robust amount of data — right at your fingertips. You can view key performance indicators in a simple, trackable manner and see student usage metrics, providing actionable insights to help guide your decision-making. This level of detail allows for course corrections and provides valuable data for our Complete Insight Reviews.

Committed to faculty development

With Complete, we provide access to industry experts' leadership and support in instructional effectiveness, faculty collegiality, faculty satisfaction and more through thought leaders like Dr. Patricia Benner and our online resources at ATI Academy™.

We don’t succeed unless you succeed

As partners, we choose to reward achievement by investing in the programs with which we work. It’s what you should expect from a partner, which is exactly what we want to be.

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