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ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a diagnostic test that students take as they go through the admissions process. The TEAS show a reliable picture of student preparedness for nursing school and provides valuable insights into their academic strengths and weaknesses. The TEAS allow you to ensure the students you choose are right for your program before they even enter the classroom. ATI TEAS is the most widely adopted admissions exam in nursing education because it effectively evaluates students’ academic readiness for the rigors of nursing studies.

During the TEAS, students answer multiple-choice questions, measuring preparedness in reading, math, science and English and Language usage. The questions are designed to test the basic academic skills students will need to perform in class. ATI TEAS is proven to be a statistically significant predictor of early and on-going nursing program success. Whether your goals are focused on student retention or student opportunity, the TEAS help you achieve your admissions goals.

TEAS evaluate basic academic knowledge in:
  • Reading (53 questions)
  • English and Language usage (28 questions)
  • Math (36 questions)
  • Science (53 questions)
  • TEAS include:
    • 209-minute timed assessment
    • 170 multiple-choice questions with 20 unscored pre-test questions
    • Normed data at the National and program level


    Proctored and administered by ATI Nursing, the TEAS at ATI is being used by admissions programs for a secure, online testing solution to assess students’ academic preparedness. And it ensures nursing programs can continue to admit qualified candidates into their program - no matter the circumstance.


    • Students will register through ATI’s online registration system for TEAS at ATI. The remote proctored and in-person versions of the exam consist of the same content.
    • ATI offers TEAS at ATI exams multiple times a day, nearly every day of the week.
    • Following registration, TEAS at ATI test takers will receive testing information and details from ATI Communications.
    • On test day, students will follow proper instructions to access their secure exam.
    • Dedicated support is available to assist students with questions prior to, during and following the exam.
    • The TEAS at ATI is monitored by dedicated and trained ATI proctors, who are supported by the Proctorio secure proctoring platform.
    • Following the exam, students will have the ability to submit their test score to your institution.

    For more information on ATI TEAS, contact your Client Executive.

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    ATI TEAS Prep

    ATI TEAS Smart Prep

    Our most robust tool for TEAS prep, SmartPrep is an online tutorial and question bank that allows students to study smarter, not harder. Each of the four content modules starts with a diagnostic exam that helps determine what students know – and what they don’t. Then, SmartPrep creates a customized study plan based on each student’s individual needs. That way, students focus on their weaknesses instead of reviewing content they have already mastered. This package comes with the SmartPrep tutorial, two online practice exams and the official TEAS study guide.

    ATI TEAS Online Practice Assessments

    Working through our practice exams gives students a sense of the types of questions and material they’ll encounter on the actual ATI TEAS proctored exam. Each question is accompanied by detailed explanations for correct and incorrect answers. There are two different versions of the practice tests, each with 150 questions aligned to the actual TEAS Exam.

    ATI TEAS Study Manual

    This comprehensive printed study guide is the official resource for students preparing for the TEAS test. With over 300 pages of content, hundreds of practice questions, key term definitions and comprehensive practice tests, the printed study manual acts as an overview and summary of key concepts needed to be successful on the ATI TEAS and in school.

    ATI TEAS Prep Live Events:

    Students can join our monthly ATI TEAS Facebook Live events to participate in mini-review sessions, get tips and insights on the TEAS exam and ask our educators any questions they might have on preparing for this exam. These events are free and can be found on our ATI Nursing Facebook Page under events.


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