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Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

We don’t simply believe our products work; we know they work. We use progressive data analytics to predict student success, customize instruction, and guide organizational growth of nursing programs.

How are we so confident? Research — evidence-based research.

Just like you ask students to conduct evidence-based nursing practice, we do the same for nursing education. For nearly 20 years, we’ve been collecting data on student learning and performance that we use to inform all the products and services we create.

How much information forms the basis of our assessments?


of nursing programs across the country. The insight from the variety of programs — from ADN programs serving rural communities to large BSN programs in major metros — amplifies our in-house intelligence.


professional psychometricians on staff. These experts help us interpret our data to gain every bit of knowledge possible.


of proctored assessments administered since 2000. They provide data for setting benchmarks, guiding student evaluation (standardized assessments), and predicting student success.

NEARLY 100,000

data points in our Pulse predictive algorithm. Each piece of information helps calculate a student’s probability of success on NCLEX.

Building on data-science evolution

Recent advancements in data science have provided an unprecedented ability to understand student comprehension of key concepts and predict their probability of success in high-stakes situations. We have leveraged these advancements to give you the ability to quickly see not just which students are on track — or not — but to see precisely which concepts they grasp and which need to be reviewed again.

Plus: Aside from the immediate applications for driving student-learning outcomes, ATI’s data analytics give you the tools to evaluate faculty teaching strategies — a bonus on which you can’t place a price.

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Studies prove the impact of our products.
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Detailed and flexible reporting

The result of our experts’ efforts? Individual, group, longitudinal, and critical-thinking analysis reports that help us predict student success.

This knowledge has led to the development of products — such as ATI Pulse® and Comprehensive Predictor. Their predictive algorithms provide nursing programs with early and ongoing visibility into critical areas of insight, such as a student's likelihood of passing NCLEX. Plus, they guide remediation efforts based on the exam content missed.

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Comprehensive Predictor

Comprehensive Predictor is a three-hour, 180-item, proctored test designed to help students assess their likelihood of passing the NCLEX® while detailing areas for further remediation.
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