Our approach to Next Generation NCLEX success

Learning NGN

ATI solutions layer in nursing knowledge, clinical judgment, and hundreds of Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) style items across the curriculum, from beginning to end.

Knowledge, skills, and confidence are multiplied as ATI solutions follow the same proven formula we’ve used for years – Learn → Apply → Assess → Remediate → Repeat – now enhanced with NGN item types and metrics to measure clinical judgment.

1. Build faculty confidence in their understanding of NGN changes and familiarity with new item types, partial-scoring features, and how to write NGN items.

2. Establish students' understanding of clinical judgment early on so students can incorporate the 6 functions into their thinking as they progress.

3. Develop clinical judgment skills defined by the NCSBN's Clinical Judgment Measurement Model, including hundreds of practice opportunities of varying levels of complexity throughout the program with sequential thinking, delegation, prioritization, and a diverse variety of client scenarios and activities.

4. Assess, measure, and remediate student and cohort clinical judgment skills using assessments, detailed reporting, and remediation. Link back to specific ATI modules – all aligned to the NCSBN’s Clinical Judgment Measurement Model’s 6 cognitive functions.

5. Build student preparedness and confidence in answering the new NGN item types, including practice with hundreds of items and realistic use of partial scoring.

Included in all assessments listed in previous section, plus:

6. Give faculty visibility by predicting student preparedness for NCLEX with clear insights to at-risk students and cohorts and focused remediation recommendations linked to specific ATI modules.


When you take proven NCLEX preparation solutions and thread them with more clinical judgment skill building, more clinical judgment insights, advanced student predictions, and practice with the new NGN item types and scoring, you get learning that truly raises the bar. And you get confidence (for faculty and students) in students’ preparedness for NGN.

In a recent study, independently validated, we identified a trend. Our findings? ATI bundle clients’ pass rates were found to achieve on average a 9% higher NCLEX pass rate than other programs.


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