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Aug 3, 2022, 13:48 PM by Gina Kellogg

ABCs of clinical judgmentAs the fall 2022 semester approaches, faculty across the United States' nursing programs are gearing up for their first cohorts to be tested on the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN). Knowing the need for NGN-related tools is great, ATI's team of 200+ nurse educators developed a quick tip sheet to keep educators on task. 

Leawood, Kan., Aug. 3, 2022 — Helping students develop stronger clinical judgment skills will be key to their being able to pass the new version of the NCLEX that is launching April 2, 2023. The new version of the licensure exam has added new questions specifically designed to assess candidates' clinical judgment knowledge and has been in the works for years.

Aiding faculty who are facing this major milestone has been a high priority of ATI's team of nurse educators. As they talk to educators on the front lines, they hear what the specific needs are. Then, they use that information to develop a variety of resources to help, such as the recently updated version of "The Next Generation NCLEX Guidebook." 

ATI educators' latest resource is a tip sheet to which nursing faculty can refer when trying to determine how to integrate clinical judgment into their lesson plans. The tip sheet also specifically recommends which of ATI's tools and solutions can support educators' efforts.

You can read more details about this tip sheet and how educators will use it in an article on the ATI Educator Blog.
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