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Viewpoint: 3 ways to improve nursing education

Feb 3, 2023, 11:34 AM by ATI Marketing Team

Kelly Simmons, DNP, RN, a nursing strategist in ATI's Nursing Education segment, which helps students prepare for nursing examinations, recently detailed key ways to improve nursing education in a Feb. 2 opinion piece published by the Courier Journal.

Leawood, Kan. (Feb. 3, 2023) — Becker's Hospital Review, the leading hospital magazine for hospital business news and analysis for hospital and healthcare system executives, picked up the opinion piece recently written by ATI Nursing Strategist Kelly Simmons, DNP, RN. Dr. Simmons' letter was originally published in the Courier Journal.

Becker's focused on 3 key insights that Dr. Simmons proposed to helping nursing education solve the nursing crisis.

Read the Becker's article here.

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