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Online interactive educational program shows benefits over traditional textbooks

Mar 8, 2023, 18:23 PM by ATI Marketing Team

Technology has become increasingly prominent in nursing education. Online learning platforms may be more useful than traditional textbooks in promoting active learning, engagement, and satisfaction.

Several years ago, a group of nursing solution experts at ATI Nursing Education was working on developing a new resource they hoped would have a profound impact on the experience of entry-level nursing students. They knew that many of those students do not read the detailed textbooks that are assigned to help them learn the fundamentals of nursing. But understanding these core concepts is key to developing the foundation of knowledge on which nursing students build their skills and clinical judgment.

The product specialists focused on creating a resource that would give students opportunities to engage in active learning to improve their satisfaction, be more engaged, enhance their learning, and better retain knowledge.

Their solution was an online interactive education program (OIEP) called Engage Fundamentals. After the resource had been available and in use for awhile, ATI staff members began hearing positive reports about students' success in using the tool. A group of experts in their various fields joined together to formally examine the impact of this OIEP, which incorporates multiple modes of technology-based learning for students.

The group consisted of Beth Cusatis Phillips, PhD, RN, CNE, CHSE; Janean Johnson, DNP, RN, CNE; Nikita Khalid, MS; Nicole Zapparrata, MA; and Glenn Albright,, PhD. They wanted to understand student and faculty satisfaction, perceived efficacy of the program, student engagement, and whether the OIEP can help NCLEX preparation and reduce burnout.

This retrospective study assessed student and faculty perceptions of the constructs using quantitative and qualitative measures. Perceptions were measured at 2 time points each: halfway through the semester and again at its conclusion. The results? Mean efficacy scores of groups were high at both time points. Students showed significant increases in content constructs, which were supported by faculty perceptions of students. Students agreed that using the OIEP throughout their program would significantly increase preparedness for NCLEX.

Their research has now been published ahead of print in the respected journal Nurse Educator. To access the article (which can be read without a subscription) and read the full results of their study, visit Nurse Educator.



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