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Introducing a pre-graduation review that is integrated and customized for your program.

Capstone Content Review

The first product of its kind. ATI Capstone Content Review is like having an assistant educator. This NCLEX review product will ensure that each one of your students has the remediation needed to be successful.

It’s Thorough and Engaging

Unique assessments cover all content areas. Each week, students focus on one specific content area, moving through the following:

  • Complete pre-assessment assignment
  • Take assessments on campus, during class or in the computer lab
  • Complete individualized Focused Review®
  • Complete individualized post-assessment assignment provided by the educator
  • Review weekly tips provided by educator

It’s Personal

Your students are paired with an educator to guide them through a pre-set calendar for 7-10 weeks of content review before sitting for the ATI Comprehensive Predictor at their school.

Each individual student has a personalized plan based on the content knowledge determined from the assessments.

It’s Seamless

ATI partners with schools purchasing this product to integrate the review into their NCLEX prep curriculum.

There’s Accountability

Capstone Review request students to spend about 5-8 hours per week (1-2 hours per day) reviewing, depending on their knowledge level.

It Provides Continuous Feedback

A weekly report with students’ progress will be sent to the school to identify those who require additional NCLEX review time, as well as those who have completed all areas of the review and may be eligible to sit for the ATI Comprehensive Predictor.

(Currently only RN version available)

Learn more about how ATI Capstone Content Review can fit into your NCLEX prep curriculum. Contact your Solutions Consultant at 800-667-7531 or at

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