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New Innovations Introduced in 2018: Solving Continuing Challenges in Nursing [Video]

Dec 5, 2018, 12:17 PM
<2-min. video> Are you taking advantage of the latest solutions ATI introduced over the last year? Here’s a quick overview.


Acclimating to Next Generation Item Types

80% of employers are dissatisfied with new nurses’ clinical judgment. To counter that problem, the NCSBN is working on ways to assess this critical skill via a new version of the NCLEX-RN. To ensure students are confident in answering potential new item types on the Next Generation NCLEX, they need early exposure. Our NCLEX Experience video tutorials will help by adding informative content to your curriculum – such as practice with new question types – to help your students prepare for whatever exam updates come their way. The NCLEX Experience is the first product of its kind to begin preparing your students for the most important test of their academic careers. 

To learn more about the NCLEX Experience, visit it via the "Student View" in your Faculty Portal at


Harnessing the Power of Adaptive Quizzing

Formative assessment is a powerful technique for improved student learning. It allows faculty to gauge understanding and guides their instruction throughout the course of study. Now, nursing faculty have an extensive quiz bank via Learning System 3.0 on which to rely for exactly those types of insights. Preset and customized quizzes based on students’ specific needs – along with an adaptive quizzing engine and question-tagging feature – deliver challenging items tailored to each student’s ability. Their test-taking skills are enhanced as they critically read test items and build test-taking strategies – all without the need of faculty micromanagement.


Fostering Civility & a Healthy Workplace

Civility expert Cynthia Clark, PhD, RN, ANEF, FAAN, Strategic Nursing Advisor for ATI, led the effort to create this first-of-its-kind solution to the incivility problem that has haunted the healthcare community for decades. Interacting with virtual humans, students using Civility Mentor practice and strengthen skills that will help them foster civility and a healthy workplace for themselves – and the profession.


Creating Confidence for the NCLEX

With BoardVitals, students can build customized quizzes focusing on specific content areas or assess their comprehensive knowledge through adaptive quizzes.  These test-taking opportunities fulfill students’ eagerness  for as much practice as possible in preparation for the NCLEX. Our question bank consists of 3,000+ NCLEX-style questions, giving students the invaluable experience of working through item types and receiving thorough, detailed rationales.


Preparing for Challenging Conversations

Clinical constraints give nursing students fewer opportunities to practice therapeutic communication techniques and navigate difficult, high-risk client situations. The virtual simulations in Nurse's Touch, The Communicator 2.0, allow students to assume the role of a nurse caring for a variety of high-risk clients. With repeated opportunities to engage in key conversations with virtual patients, students can make the most of their valuable, limited hours in real-life clinical scenarios.