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Dec 8, 2021, 10:50 AM
<2-min. read> Nurse practitioner (NP) employment is expected to grow 5.2% annually over the next 10 years; ATI is poised to help.


The growing demand for NPsAdvanced Practice Education Associates (APEA) has joined ATI Nursing Education and will continue providing industry-leading learning tools for nurse practitioners (NP) and nurse practitioner students, similar to ATI’s focus on undergraduate nursing students.

“APEA positions us to support even more nursing students and helps us meet increasing demand for nurse practitioners (NPs) who can help fill the growing primary care provider gap,” said Sean Burke, President of Healthcare at Ascend Learning, who leads ATI Nursing Education.

“APEA is committed to successfully preparing graduate students for their certification exams with outstanding content, assessments, and instruction. Together with ATI Nursing Education, we can serve nursing students across PN, RN, and APRN scopes-of-practice. We’re very excited for this expansion of our mission to drive nursing success.”

Demand for NPs is booming, with the profession expected to grow 5.2% annually between 2019 and 2029. The United States has 325,000 licensed NPs, and another 36,000 NP students graduate every year. The shortage of primary care physicians has elevated the importance of NPs and the role they play in delivering healthcare nationwide.

Amelie Hollier, DNP, FNP-BC, FAANP, APEA co-founder, president and CEO, said, “The similarities in mission and values between our two firms — combined with ATI’s success in undergraduate nursing and APEA’s complementary success in advanced practice nursing — convinced us that they are the right partner to continue growing APEA.”

Hollier formed APEA in 1997 with Co-Founder Jeanie Doucet, MBA, MT (ASCP), to provide high-quality certification tools for graduate NP students and, later, continuing education and clinical resources for certified NPs already in practice. APEA has helped more than 157,000 new NPs pass national certification exams and certified NPs reach professional development goals.

Both ATI and APEA offer standardized predictive assessments, live review, question banks, curriculum supplements, and other tools designed to teach all the different ways people learn. ATI serves undergraduate nursing students, and APEA targets graduate NP students — all of whom achieve higher pass rates and greater success when they leverage ATI resources.

Doucet, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at APEA, said, “We’re honored to join forces with ATI. They have nurses in nearly every department and level of the organization, which underscores their passion for and commitment to the profession. Plus, we’re aligned on our understanding of the market and what nursing programs need to succeed.”


ATI is the leading provider of online learning programs for improving faculty effectiveness, as well as student and program outcomes in nursing schools across the country. ATI maintains a 97% client-retention rate based on providing consistently reliable delivery of high-quality assessment, remediation, and educational products. As of 2021, ATI Nursing Education works with 20,000+ nurse educators, about 2,700 colleges and universities, and more than 500,000 students, plus more than 1.3 million graduates. The business began in 1998 with the help of a nurse. Today, nurses remain a valued part of its staff, with a team of 230 nurse educators, as well as nearly a dozen psychometric professionals who specialize in educational products, test development, and statistical methods.

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Advanced Practice Education Associates (APEA) was established in 1997 to meet the need for high-quality certification-preparation tools for new nurse practitioners. From this foundational step, APEA grew to encompass continuing education and clinical resources for experienced NPs. Co-Founders Amelie Hollier and Jeanie Doucet have focused their business on providing relatable, relevant education using the most effective learning techniques, and on creating and producing innovative clinical tools and resources. APEA has equipped thousands of new nurse practitioners to pass the national certification exams and is committed to the success and professional development of nurse practitioners throughout the United States.

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